What do you teach in each course?
In this course, I will show you simple ways to develop cute and interesting characters for your illustrations projects. I also focus on teaching you how to use Procreate to make make a simple illustration. It's a great course for beginners and my most popular one by far. 
In this course, I walk you through the process of creating illustrations for children’s books and magazines. From writing client emails to developing a concept for an illustration and finally bringing this illustration to life. 
In this course, I teach you how to develop a portfolio of children’s book illustrations. Create a chapter book project from scratch and discover how to grab the attention of agents and publishers with me as your guide helping you every step of the way. 
Do I need an iPad to take the course?
If you are new to digital art and want to use my courses to learn this skill then I would suggest that you follow along using an iPad and Procreate.  However, I firmly believed that the things I am trying to teach about illustration and character design are things that you can learn and apply in what ever program or illustration technique that fits you. 
What language are your courses in? 
My first course in character design is in Spanish. While my other two courses are in english. All courses come with multiple options for subtitles and the page will automatically translate all of the written content for you. 
How does Domestika work? 
Domestika allows you to purchase one course or a subscription where you get one course credit per month. Once you pay for the course it's your forever. You can watch the videos anytime you want. Every class has a forum where you can post your progress and any questions you might have.
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